Specialist Stain & Odour Removal

Got a stain on the carpet? Don’t panic. Call us now on 028 90877933

We can remove just about any stain………..

Beans, blood, drinks, jam, milk, make-up, vomit, oil, wine etc etc.

With over 13 years in this business there’s no stain we haven’t seen or dealt with.  Using advanced and specialist techniques the majority of stains and odours can be successfully removed.

With all stains your should be aware the longer the stain has been there or the more you try and clean it with DIY products or using old wives tales from the internet, the more likely the carpet will be damaged and beyond help.  Call us first on 028 90877933 for free advice.

What To Do When You Get A Stain


2) Scrape off any solids using a spoon.

3) Blot up as much as you can using kitchen roll.  DO NOT RUB the stain as you will spread it around and into the carpet.

4) For oil based stains, try a small amount of surgical spirit on something absorbent like a tea towel.  BLOT the stain into the towel.  Again DO NOT rub the stain as you may make make it worst or damage the carpet.  Never use a brush on wool carpets as you will fuzz them beyond repair.

5) For water based stains use the Ultraclean Pro Spotter.  Its safe for wool, safe for you and the carpet as it will not cause any damage, bleaching, colour run or leave any residue.  Call 028 90877933 for a bottle.  Its what we use everyday for the majority of stains.

Or you may opt to try an over the counter product.  However these products can have adverse reactions with many stains especially on wool carpets.  Also misuse and over use of these products will cause your carpets to get dirty quicker due to excess residue left behind.  We see problems with DIY products every week in customers homes so please be careful.

You should also consider having a stain protection treatment applied to the carpet or suite.  The treatment greatly improves stain resistance and makes cleaning up stains much easier.  Highly recommended for households with kids and pets.  The treatment can be applied straight after cleaning or when the carpets new.  Ask us for advice.




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