Rug Cleaning

Have You Forgotten Just How Beautiful You Rug Was When New?

Our Traditional Cleaning Process Will Completely Transform Your Oriental Rugs


  • All Types of Rugs Cleaned – Persian, Turkish, Indian, Wool, Silk, Synthetics

  • Safe and Gentle Cleaning Processes Recommended for wool Rugs

  • Rugs Cleaned Off-Site at Our Premises in Belfast

  • Hand Cleaning of Fringes Ensures Best Results

  • We Collect, Clean, Dry and Deliver to Your Home or Workplace

oriental rug
Your rugs are a valuable investment in your home but everyday dirt, grit and grime walked onto the rug will soon dull colours and hide the true beauty of the weavers design.

Its important to have rugs professionally cleaned as grit especially, will become trapped in the pile causing friction leading to abrasion and premature wear thus ruining the rug and its value.

The Ultraclean cleaning process for rugs takes place at our purpose built workshop in Belfast.

Firstly rugs go through a dusting process designed to remove deeply embedded grit and other dry soil.

Then depending upon the rug and its condition it can be cleaned by a number of methods from  a full traditional wash process to a delicate hand cleaning process.

Fringes are then cleaned separately and the rug is placed to dry in our drying room.

This system is gentle, safe and effective for all types of hand knotted and machine made rugs.

Rugs can be collected from your home or business and returned usually within 3 – 4 working days.

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